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Have you ever thought of one of the cute sea creatures as fishes of different colors as home decorations and ornaments? Or have you seen those beautiful fish with different features and colors as a special gift for aquarium lovers or fish lovers? Immediately after discovering that these ideas and options were few; By applying sculpture technique to a glass material, we designed Glass Fish Sculpture products in different colors. You can experience and buy them in aquarium decor, home decor, fish tank ornaments or as a special gift. Crafted as a result of handmade and handcraft techniques, this product looks attractive and aesthetic for its users. We, as a Home Decor Store, apply these techniques in all our products. Also can use for Aquarium Decor and Fish Tank Ornaments; because these products are made of glass which is a healthy material. It is completely surrounded by natural and healthy materials. Dancing with fire at high temperatures, this product adopts the Blown Glass Art Sculpture technique. As a natural material, glass has inseparable integrity with fire. The air enters the cavity of both and strengthens them. Fish are cute creatures, we can keep them in a river, feed them at home or eat them as a good meal in a private restaurant. It offers a wide range of support and helpfulness to people in activities such as catching, keeping, feeding. With this in mind, we thought of the memory and value left by a fish on humans; thus, we turned it into a fascinating work of art with the technique of sculpture. You should give the artwork as a gift to the people who love fish and you must buy it as a work of art to your home. These four fish we offer in blue, red and multicolors are lucky and prepared to meet you. Some products represent fish like Lionfish. We offer two options: Red Lionfish and Blue Lionfish. One product represents a special fish, Puffer Fish. Puffer Fish is a special type of fish, so it is designed in color. One of the product represents Dolphin Fish which is a cute fish.

Color: Blue - Red
Material: Glass
Product size: 17X14X12 CM.
Package size: 21X18X16 CM.
Product weight: 1210g.
Package weight: 1480g.

Puffer Fish
Color: Colorful
Material: Glass
Product size: 18X14X13 CM.
Package size: 22X18X17 CM.
Product weight: 1220g.
Package weight: 1800g.

Dolphin Fish
Color: Colorful
Material: Glass
Product size: 30X9X19 CM.
Package size: 34X13X23 CM.
Product weight: 1200g.
Package weight: 1800g.

Package List
1 * Glass Fish Sculpture For Home & Aquarium Decor

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