Get the thoughtful gifts to show your love & appreciation for your family

Color: SET (White and Red)

Christmas and Thanksgiving is coming, what would you like to give to your family or friends? What about a meaningful Christmas or Thanksgiving gifts? Get something they'll cherish, from memories to the best days spent together. Christmas is the time of year when people show their love and appreciation through gifts. The best thing about Christmas is spending time with your family. We know how much you love your family & that's why we're here to help you. It's time to show your loved ones how much you care. Get this for your parents, your partner, or your best friend. We've got holiday gifts for everyone in your life because your loved ones are always like family!

There's someone special in your life that you want to thank or be grateful to. You're looking for the perfect gift for them, but you don't know what to get. Well, this is where we come in help you find the perfect gift. We've got Christmas gifts for family, parents, love, passion, memory, good days, sweet, thoughtful, thanks and grateful.

Color: Red and Colorful - or White and Colorful.
Material: Resin.
Product size: 26 X 8.5 X 13 CM / 10.2 X 3.3 X 5.1 INCHES.
Package size: 28 X 10 X 15 CM / 11 X 3.9 X 5.9 INCHES.
Product weight: 650 GR.
Package weight: 780 GR.

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