Egyptian Cat Statue For Gifts & Ornament Decor by Great Sphinx of Giza

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Inspired by the Egypt Pyramids, one of the most exclusive art structures in history, this Egyptian Cat Statue is an artwork with silver details and a totem figure. Designed as a Gift and Accent Decor for Cat Lovers and Cat Owners, this Cat Figurine is one of the current contemporary sculpture examples. This Egyptian Cat Statue is described sitting on the cat's hind paw-legs, made of resin material. The Cat Statue represents exceptionalness with special details and is a special work of art and decoration for many people who feel a commitment to cats in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office. We created the Sphinx Egypt figure as a new form and accent decor in the cat's body. The Sphinx form is one of the most exclusive examples of artistic creativity in history. We brought together this form in a special way with cats, one of the most sensitive and entertaining figures of nature and animals. You can use the product as Ornaments and Accent Decor in objects like Entry, Dresser, Console, Coffee Table and gain a special atmosphere. Our main motivation in producing the product is to transform the inspiration and energy we receive from cats into artistic objects and to feel the excitement and energy they produce in our living space as artistic. We take this motivation from our close interest in cats and animals. Every contact we make with them makes us better and more creative. This Cat Statue is a special artwork for unusual, decorative, aesthetic, cute, funny, amazing gift ideas. The Egyptian Cat Statue is made from an eco-friendly resin material, handcrafted by skilled artisans through modeling and coloring steps harmless. The smooth surface with delicate pattern carving, mystic and textured inspired by Egypt Pyramids. The exquisite design and handicraft sculpture are the perfect combinations of artistry and practicality. We witness the death of living things from time to time. The experiences we share with them and the sharing of our life remain special memories for us. There is such an experience in our story. Emotionally and artistically, we attach great importance to this experience, and in this sense, we produce some artistic products for animals. Cat Memorial Statue is just one of these products. With this sculpture product, we believe that even if they leave us, we will remember and preserve their memories and the emotional and mental legacy they left us. With this Egyptian Cat Statue, we offer you a detail and aesthetics that will enrich your experience in a fascinating trip to Egypt.

Color: Silver
Material: Resin
Product Size: 3.1X7.1X10.2 INCHES | 8X18X26 CM 
Package Size: 5.1X9X12.2 INCHES | 13X23X31 CM  
Product Weight: 1300g.
Package Weight: 1700g.

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1 * Egyptian Cat Statue

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