German Shepherd & Australian Cattle Dog Statue Figurine Home Decor

$149.99 $249.99

This is an about German Shepherd & Australian Cattle Dog Statue. As Sweet Home Make, there is something we always emphasize; Design the place with lifestyle habitation. This product main figure to Dog Home Decor. Designing and embracing the space in accordance with your energy and inspiration is at first a healthy thing. A person who knows how to design his own living space is a happy person. This is an important moment of consciousness, beyond being a style, emotions encompassing the space. We dedicate all our effort to this. For this reason, we are talking about nature animals like Dog, Cat, Horse, Deer, Insect, Eagle. We are designed for a natural living space. This Dog Statue sharp eyes are looking firmly to the front like an indestructible knight. In this sense perfect gift for Gifts for Kids or Christmas Gifts for Kids with Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Decorations.

Material: Fiberglass
Color: Bronze
Product size: 30 X 8 X 22 CM
Package size: 34 X 14.5 X 25.5 CM
Product weight: 576g.
Package weight: 650g.

Package List
1 * Dog Statue

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