Golden Retriever Puppies Dog Figurine Bookcase Ornament Decorative Toy

$89.99 $139.99

For German Shepherd & Australian Cattle Dog or Other Dog Breeds

This is an Iron Dog Puppies Figurine Ornament with a made metal material. The dogs especially Puppies are unique and friendly. In this sense, this product is a great handmade product for Dog Toy and Gifts For Dog Lovers. The neck of the dog is welded with spring wire. It's all handmade like ours. You should use designs that will inspire when you design your room or your space in general. This gives you energy and inspiration in the general sense. This is a special health status. People must feel good. This product is an inspiration for Dog Lovers and Dog Owners. And at the same time is a great gift for example Gifts for Kids and Christmas Gifts for Kids.

Color: Brown
Material: Iron
Product size: 17 * 20 * 21 cm.
Package size: 18 * 22 * 23 cm.
Product weight: 556g.
Package weight: 856g.

Package List
1 * Dog & Puppies Figurine Ornament Toy

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