Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts for Wife White Christmas Handmade

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This is an about White Christmas and White Christmas Decorations for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts with Abstract Artwork. But good and most special days (for example Holiday Season and Christmas Days) require good preparation and planning. The sculpture is 14.1 inches in height. This 3D modeling sculpture is originally designed by the artist. This new Limited Edition artwork sets limit to 999 editions for sale. The artist created a shell-like artwork through abstract expressions. On the edge of the sculpture, there are clear convolute lines, beautiful and elegant. Suitable for; Christmas Decorations, White House Christmas, Christmas Table Decorations, Christmas Decorations UK, Homemade Christmas Decorations, White Christmas Decorations, Handmade Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts or Christmas Ornaments

Material: Resin
Color: White
Product size: 22 * 26 * 36cm.
Package size: 26 * 30 * 40cm.

Package List
1 * White Christmas Decorations

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