Brass Deer Statue Christmas Decor inspired by Santa Claus & Christmas Angel


This Brass Deer Statue artwork, depicting the smooth posture of an unique statue, was inspired by the Santa Claus and Christmas Angel figurines. This Christmas Deer, which can be defined as magnificent calmness and noble simplicity, reflects the positive and strong sense of wisdom to your living space with sculpture technique for Decor and Ornaments. Designed with Santa Claus and Christmas Angel figures, this Deer Statue will give you an extraordinary feeling. Santa Claus is a deer who befriends him as he brings gifts to people with his usual generosity. And the deer, in mythological and cultural sense, is the symbol of wealth, luck and generosity. In this artwork that we designed like an Angel figure, you encounter a Deer standing with happiness and nobility on its feet. We showed Santa Claus's generosity to this female deer by stalling the nobility. You will see the motivation of cultural and symbolic emotion in this Brass Statue product, which we create by establishing an extraordinary partnership and relationship between Santa Claus, Christmas Angel and Deer. It is unusual for an artwork to create a feeling. Reflecting the elegance of women and angel with its stance, this Female Deer Statue offers an unusual idea and concept for Christmas Decorations. And only high-quality and sensitive works of art can do this. Deer, representing symbols such as wisdom, calmness and generosity, produces a special atmosphere as accent decor and home accessories in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Entryway, Office. This work of art has a special privilege and motivation in times like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Because representing wisdom, generosity and sharing is a special spirit of these periods. Offering an aesthetic appearance for Deer Decor, you can use this product in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway. Or as Christmas Gifts you can think of your loved ones as a cute, good, crative, thoughtful gift option. Designed as a symbol of great calmness, this Brass Deer Statue product produces a powerful feeling as Accent Decor, Ornament and Gift Ideas. Since ancient times, deer has been regarded as a spiritual animal which is a symbol of longevity and luck, for people's fine wishes. In Western culture, deer as a partner of Santa is also standing of lucky. Decorative, small, mini and miniature, which is an aesthetic idea for Home Accents Holiday Deer and you can considered an unusual artwork for Deer Statues Indoor.

Color: Blue
Material: Brass
Product size: 5.9X4.3X11.8 INCHES | 15X11X30 CM
Package size: 7.1X5.5X13 INCHES | 18X14X33 CM
Product weight: 1407g.
Package weight: 1800g.

Package List
1 * Brass Deer Statue

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