Brass Elephant Statue Decor Ornament: Calm Grandeur & Family Tree Soul


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Art in this Elephant Statue is existence to us through these transformations of the intelligible form and sensible fabric, at the cost of constantly merging its own reasons (decor, ornaments, gifts, artwork, such as presentation and existence forms) with those belonging to other spheres of experience. We have chosen to study these forms in a certain Elephant Figurines (Mom and Baby: so Family) of specific art tecniques. In this sense, a decor model guides Elephant Statue by brass material. In this Elephant Statue product, which represents the mother and the baby, we would like to make some statements about the production process and artistic interpretation. We designed this Elephant Statue as Elephant Decor and Elephant Ornaments. In this sense, the material we use is brass material. Two main criteria used by in the production process, firstly, the harmony of proportions -that is to say, the congruence between parts and whole; secondly, the expressivity -that the relation a visible form and a character - an identity, a feeling, a thought - that this visible form makes recognizable in unequivocal traits. Inspired by a unique form of artistic creativity, this artwork embodies the beauty, simplicity and loyalty of being a family as Elephant Statue. It offers a modern example of the asymmetric relationship of unusual and unpretentiousness, familiar and foreigner, uncertainty and predictable. Elephant Figurines representations that we present together as Family in this artwork produce concrete contributions to create a charming atmosphere for your living space. In this sense, you can use this Elephant Decor product which is produced using sculpture and artistic techniques in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom. Artistic creativity forces every element of the subject to a new transformation and starts by breaking its form. It then gives him a new form. Each gesture will reveal a thought, each glance will convey a new sentiment; everything will be captivating, because it will all be a true and faithful imitation of nature in this Elephant Statue and Elephant Decor. Art exists in the very difference between the common form of life that it was for those who made the works and the object of free contemplation and free appreciation that it is for us. It exists for us in the divide between the power of art and the power of beauty, between the rules of its production and the modes of its sensible appreciation, between the figures that regulate it and the ones it produces.

Theme: Elephant Statue and Elephant Figurines
Concept: Elephant Decor, Elephant Ornaments, Elephant Home Decor, Accent Decor
Color: Brown
Material: Brass
Product size: 6.7X2.8X11.8 INCHES | 17X7X30 CM
Package size: 7.9X3.9X13 INCHES | 20X10X33 CM
Product weight: 1650g.
Package weight: 1750g.

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1 * Elephant Statue

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