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These African figurines products which highlight the cultural diversity and daily rhythm of the tribal, are produced as handmade designs. African figurines colorful and cultural lines with mysterious in the African Decor. The sculpture technique is used in the foreground of the products and the preferred material is metal and iron. Observing the cultural diversity of the African continent and aiming to understand and explore this with artistic creativity and production, our artist chose to design African sculpture products between material and daily life. With this, he tried to explore and understand the depth of the African continent. Our artist was inspired by different tribes in the African continent such as Zulu, Maasai, Oromo, Yoruba, Kalenjin, Hausa, Himba, San Bushmen, and Chagga in the design of the products. The products belong to our 2020 and 2021 collections. Mysterious patterns and cultural texture are a defining theme in these African figurines and home accessories products. Decorative accessories and African artwork such as vases, necklaces, earrings, water jugs were preferred in order to highlight the cultural diversity of African people in the product. These details about daily life and cultural texture have brought an extraordinary richness and existential difference to our African artwork designs. These stylish figurines and sculptures will guide you in the most creative and extraordinary gift ideas that can be preferred for your friends, business partners at work, university students or professors, and maybe African people around you. These modern African figurines are highly creative and unusual, especially for people interested in ethnic details and different cultures. Especially the African continent is dazzling for the teachers and students in the African continent who love to study anthropologically, sociologically, and ethnographically.

African figurines colorful and cultural lines with mysterious in the African Decor and Accessories

The African sculptures are brightly colored, and the patterns are retro and special. The man holding a wine bottle and a vase have a vivid life atmosphere. Using high-quality iron materials, each piece is hand-painted by craftsmen through multiple processes. After the anti-rust baking painted, it is durable and the surface is smooth and bright, with vintage texture. Exquisite craftsmanship is aesthetically pleasing, which is ideal for placing in a living room, cabinet, or desk, bringing a mysterious and tasteful tribal style. Combined with African decor, it will also have a different effect! The collectible art piece is a perfect African gift, easy to maintain and clean.


Material: Iron
Product Size: 12X6X41 CM | 4.7X2.4X16.1 INCHES
Package Size: 13X8X42 CM | 5.1X3.1X16.5 INCHES
Product Weight: 480 GR.
Package Weight: 600 GR.

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