His and Hers Gifts For Couples Long Distance Statue Ornament & Decor

His and Hers Gifts For Couples Long Distance Statues:
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We understand that the essence of love is something we never know. This means that we cannot understand love not only in the plane of emotions but also in the philosophical plane. We only feel and experience the purest supreme statement of love. Love is initially a result of happy coincidences. But in time, every coincidence leaves itself to a special plan and devotion. This is one of the most special dimensions of love. There is no more individuality, there is a whole, a couple. This is an orientation of the Long Distance relationship, and every link and promise to it requires specific performance. Over time it turns into another story, like marriage and family. The beginning of love, as we said; are only happy coincidences. Certainly, it is a kind of intimacy and love. On the emotional level, a partnership is felt, something about a common relationality of looks or behaviors. The closeness you experience in the emotional plane is accompanied by the cultural plane in time. We start to think in a mutual way and experience a lot of things in common. Mutual thought and mutual goodwill provide motivation to love. Love is a concurrent harmony. But at the same time, couples, in times of happiness or unhappiness is the statement of one's balance of the other. Love is basically the equality of balances. It is very difficult to find two people who hold their interpretations, perspectives, and curiosities exactly as each other, but love can provide this feeling with its perfect complementarity. Mutual relationship is the motivation and power of love. Sharing love also extends the life of love. To spend time together intellectually turns into physical pleasure. Pink watches are also experienced. Blue hours of love is to share life. Red hours of love are romantic times; watching movies, a special dinner, celebrate special days (Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, Retirement, Valentines, Mother-Father Days) or common rituals reinforce this romantic aura. And basically, the pink hours of love are sexual shadow; where couples enter into a physical sharing. These blue, red, and pink clocks, which extend the differences and lifespan of love, produce a fundamental motivation for couples, both spiritually and physically. This is basically reflected in love itself. These artworks produced which present a combination of man and woman as a couple of figures in some artwork were produced as Gifts and Souvenirs. These products echoes aesthetic, decorative, cute, good, amazing product details that couples find in love and reflect a special feeling that they can take to eternity throughout their love. These products, characterized by His and Hers or Ms and Mrs, are produced in the form of statues with various materials such as brass, bronze, and resin. You can use these products as Couple Ornaments and Accent Decor and create a special atmosphere in your living spaces such as Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Entryway. Products Couple Statue Figurines has a limited edition production for His and Hers Gifts For Couples.


Brass Couple Statue

  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Brass
  • Product size: 3.9X2.8X11.8 INCHES | 10X7X30 CM
  • Package size: 5.1X3.9X13 INCHES | 13X10X33 CM
  • Product weight: 722g.
  • Package Weight: 1100g.

Resin Couple Statue

  • Material: Resin
  • Color: Brown
  • Product size: 5.46X3.12X14.43 INCHES | 14X8 X37 CM.
  • Package size: 7.8X3.9X15.6 INCHES | 20X10X40 CM.
  • Product weight: 920g.
  • Package Weight: 1400g.

Package List
1 * His and Hers Gifts For Couple by Statue

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