Cartoon Cat Sculpture Ornaments: Can a Cat Listen to Music and Dance?


Can a cat listen to music and dance in an aesthetic and decorative way? We give our answer and execute to this aesthetic and beautiful question with this work of art. We give a general answer to basic questions like cats, which likes music or dance: According to their mental and spiritual status, they love many music and unconsciously reflect many dance figures. We offer this Cat Cartoon product, which is designed for cat Owners and Lovers using metal sculpture technique for decorative and ornaments purposes. The striped black and white details on the cat's clothing attribute the concept of the hardworking Honey Bee to the cat. On the one hand, this cute cat, who has fun, implies that she is industrious with her creative and aesthetic appearance. Both working and having fun highlight this cat's characteristic. At the design stage of the product, it was inspired by Cat Cartoon figures especially Felix the Cat and Sylvester the Cat figures as aesthetics and creativity. These details we received from them are reflected in the product in a creative way. The thematic feature of Cat Cartoon figures is that they are both smart and fun characters. In this product you will meet a cat that is both smart and hardworking. We turned this lovely cat, designed by characterizing the pure enthusiasm produced by the music in her ears, into a human figure. The cartoon cat is listening to music with headphones, and the anthropomorphic hands are waving up and down, immersed in the world of music. Reflecting the enthusiastic, funny, cute, smart, sweet, creative character of cats as a Cat Statue, this product offers exceptional aesthetic creativity. This cute cat is listening to music with his headphones and dancing aesthetically as figurative and decorative purposes.This Cat Sculpture offers a wonderful atmosphere and emotion in a creative and cat themed way in areas such as Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Entryway, Office, Nursery, Kids Room. With its decorative and aesthetic character, this artwork is a unique gift ideas/options for Cat Lovers and Cat Owners. Especially aesthetically pleasing with the thematic and cat cartoon character, this product is a good gift idea for children, which makes creative and basic contributions to the imagination.

Material: Iron-Metal
Color: White, Black
Production Technique: Handmade and Sculpture
Product size: 6.3X4.9X13.8 INCHES | 16X12.5X35 CM
Package size: 5.7X5.3X14.1 INCHES | 14.5X13.5X36 CM
Product weight: 320g.
Package weight: 450g.

Package List
1 * Cat Cartoon Metal Sculpture Ornament

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