Leopard Christmas Ornaments with Leopard Statue for Christmas Decorations


It's an about Leopard Christmas Ornaments and Leopard Decor for Living Room with Leopard Statue for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts inspired by Leopard Cat and African Leopard. Leopards are one of the most important animals of the Wild Nature. They have an incredible speed and an intuition. And in general terms, Leopards have an important role in human life, that's it Leopard Facts. Speed and speed techniques are the main source of many materials. Inspired by the lives and assets of the leopards, this special Leopard Statue is a special product made from a bronze material, a product of completely handcrafted processes in this sense. It is a great art object for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts. Feeling wild nature at home is an important privilege. This product is entirely inspired by this concept. Perfect gift choice for; Leopard Decor for Living Room or Leopard Home Decor with Christmas Animals.

Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Product size: 38 * 11 * 18cm.
Package size: 42 * 15 * 21cm.
Product weight: 2610g.
Package weight: 3030g.

Package List
1 * Leopard Statue for Christmas Decorations

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