Giraffe Statue Decor: Form of Pure Happiness Created by the Family

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We present this Mom and Baby so that reflecting Family peace and commitment with the concept of Giraffe Statue Decor, which is the result of pure sensation produced by aesthetic creativity and artistic point of view. Reflecting the presence and meaning of the family in your living space as Giraffe Decor, this Giraffe Statue is a special product of modern art. At the stage of designing the Giraffe Artwork, the family has a cultural texture. Because the family is a special structure in which we spend a peaceful time with a fascinating form. This structure creates mutual trust and emotional sharing. We share this sharing with Giraffe Statue in your living space. The product is mainly designed in gold color, bronze material, small and miniature by centering the mother and baby figures. In this sense figurines represent the character of the product. This Decorative Giraffe Statue is a with made from Bronze material. Mother and Baby Giraffe Figurine statues with lifelike details are originally created by the artist. Our artist has chosen a Cute Giraffe family to capture the splendor of wildlife. You know, giraffes can't get inside buildings (your home), their height and nature won't allow it. Our artist, while designing this artwork has thought them in space and moved them to the place. Thus, it provided a unique atmosphere in the space between living space and wildlife. This artwork is a wonderful Giraffe Gifts product, as well as a wonderful Giraffe Decor and Giraffe Ornaments. The Giraffe Statue is a great decoration product for every area of your Home, especially Hall, Living Room, Bedroom, Nursery Room, Children's Room or Study Room.

Color: Gold
Material: Bronze
Product size:18 X 7 X 29cm.
Package size: 23 X 12 X 34cm.
Product weight: 1200g.
Package weight: 1700g.

Package List
1 * Giraffe Statue with Bronze Statue

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