Journey to the Blue Beginning to Abstract Sculpture for Home Accessories


In this work of art, we emphasize that we travel to beginnings and stories using the sculpture technique. We have experienced many times that stories and new beginnings give us philosophical motivation. This decorative sculpture item, which is a reflection of some details such as Abstract, Modern and Contemporary, has a strong emphasis on the color of the sky and eternity, which we characterize for Home Accessories. We offer this strong emphasis as decorative artwork for areas such as Living Room and Bedroom. On a philosophical and artistic basis, this artwork has a liberating sense of motivation for blue stories and happy beginnings. We designed this feeling as a product and a work of art using sculpture technique and as a result of a creative process. With a strong thematic sense and artistic intensity, this blue product has a complementary emphasis as accessories for Blue Bedroom and Blue Living Room. And in general, it provides integrity and thematic vitality to Interior Design and Home Decor ideas in shades of blue. Resin material was used in the design of the Abstract Sculpture. Resin is a natural and sustainable material. The production process is demanding and challenging, but each material gains a special density and elasticity with sculpture technique. Artistic creativity is a great balance and refinement between plasticity and elasticity. You can witness all these details in this artwork.

Color: Blue
Material: Resin
Product size: 15.7X11.4X11.4 INCHES | 40X29X29 CM
Package size: 16.1X10.6X11 INCHES | 41X27X28 CM
Product weight: 1500g.
Package weight: 2000g.

Package List
1 * Abstract Sculpture Accessories

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