Wooden Dog Bowl Stand 2 X 400 ML


This steel small two bowl (2 X 400 ML) design that cup out with their modern and ecological design and coffee table form serves as Wooden Dog Bowl Stand. The small wooden dog bowl stand product offers two bowls together. You can put water in one bowl and dry food in the other.


Material: Wood
Small: 18 X 33 X 12 CM – Bowl: 2 X 400 ML

Experience a new level of luxury with different wooden dog bowl stand


Your dog deserves a piece of furniture that's animal friendly, modern, and raised. Trust us, your dog will love his new wooden dog bowl stand! Our wooden dog bowls are made from eco-friendly materials with beautiful hand-applied finishes to prevent your furniture from scratching. We offer two sizes for this food bowl, so you get the perfect fit for your canine companion.

Your pet will be able to enjoy the luxury of having their own drink and food on their own high-quality wood stand for an unobstructed view.

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