Gold Bronze Bull Statue


How do we define a Gold Bull? This product was designed as a Gold bronze bull statue as a work of art that fulfills important tasks in the pre-modern era and produces value for people. We inspired by Wall Street Bull in the design and creativity phase of the Gold Bull Statue artwork. This product is an unusual artwork for Gold farmhouse decor and rustic decor because it has a fascinating and meaningful symbolic value. Is it as a strong and scary animal; or as a beast of burden that fulfills very large tasks for traditional societies and contributes to them becoming agricultural societies in a pre-machine era? Both are able to find a common answer. We should consider bulls as a burdening animal that contributes to the traditional means of production of rural and peasant communities, in this sense, it has a privileged meaning for humans. Because bulls with their incredible power; is a special animal that contributes to people's plans, projects, and lives. Taurus was performing important tasks in pre-modern societies that existed with agricultural and subsistence economies. Its power was used to drive the field plantation, his load and functions were used to move things somewhere. 


Material: Bronze
Product Size: 32 X 10 X 20 CM.
Package Size: 36 X 15 X 26 CM.
Product Weight: 2100g.
Package Weight: 2250g.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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