Giacometti Dog Statue (Limited Edition and Available)

$1,500 $2,000

This extraordinary unique Dog Statue artwork that owes its greatness and uniqueness to its simplicity and produces a magnificent sense of glory with its stance and gaze, as this sculpture is, it shows itself even now to those who have the power to look deeply into the secrets of art with all the splendor of its former beauty. The artist (Sculptor) has presented in this Dog Statue a lofty ideal of a body elevated above nature, and a shape at the full development of artistic creativity, such as it might be if exalted to the degree of divine sufficiency. He appears here purified from the dross of humanity, and after having attained immortality and a seat among the gods. No veins are visible. In this position, with the head turned upwards it face probably had a pleased expression as he meditated with satisfaction on the great deeds which it had achieved. The artist may admire in the outlines of this Dog Statue the perpetual flowing of one line as form into another, and the undulating lines which rise and fall like waves, and become swallowed up in one another. He will find that no copyist can be sure of correctness, since the undulating movement which he thinks he is following turns imperceptibly away, and leads both the hand and the eye astray by taking another direction. This Dog Statue is nothing but pure thought and pure uniqueness simplicity, but this concentration is only indicated by the curve of a back that assumes the weight of this thought, by a stomach that seems unfit for any digestive functions, and by muscles that do not tighten for any action, but whose outlines flow over each other like the waves of the sea. Produced with great reference to the great sculptor Giacometti for all art lovers and dog lovers, this Dog Statue product offers an enchanting atmosphere to your living space as a artwork of Calm Grandeur. You can choose Dog Statue as Decorative Artwork, Memorial Item, Dog Ornament and Gifts For Dog Lovers and get an extraordinary experience. In this giacometti dog sculpture, you can buy the product embodied by the license of artistic creativity and a dog's sense of simplicity as a special collection product.

Artist Signature: James Lee
Theme: Dog Statue attribute by Alberto Giacometti
Concept: Gifts For Dog Lovers, Dog Memorial, Dog Ornaments, Dog Artwork, Dog Home Decor
Color: Black
Material: Brass
Product size: 12.2X2.9X8.6 INCHES | 31X7.5X22 CM
Package size: 13.4X3.9X9.8 INCHES | 34X10X25 CM
Product weight: 1450g.
Package weight: 1850g.

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1 * Dog Statue by Giacometti

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