A Horse statue takes your heart to it lovers and owners


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The elegant ecological and decorative horse statue is great for bookshelves or furniture top decoration. The gorgeous decorative horse statue is made of material resin. What would be the best place to decorate your home for this adorable galloping horse? Would it be a bookshelf, a chest of drawers, or a coffee table? Or would it be best suited for a bedroom, living room, children’s room or kitchen, or perhaps an office? The choice is yours. The horse statue fits everywhere. This horse statue decor themed product will enchant all horse friends and easily take the viewer's heart. The adorable horse is great for decorating your home or office. A decorative horse that brings good luck is suitable as a gift for horse lovers or owners.

Material: Resin
Product size: 31 X 16 X 42 CM | 12.2 X 6.3 X 16.5 INCHES
Package size: 35 X 20 X 46 CM | 13.8 X 7.9 X 18.1 INCHES
Product weight: 1780 GR.
Package Weight: 2550 GR.

Horses are such amazing animals and it's time we start honouring them

These horse sculpture are the perfect way to do just that. No matter if you're buying it for yourself or your horse-loving friend, this sculpture is sure to be a conversation starter and a focal point of any room. These horse sculpture are perfect for any space in your home or office and would be a unique addition to any collection.

If you are passionate about horse riding, this is the perfect gift for you! With this sculpture, you can enjoy the beauty of a horse, while adorning your home with a unique and elegant piece. Bronze metal is an excellent material as it is long-lasting and looks great as a home decoration or as a birthday gift. The smooth, 3D texture will make this an attractive piece to have in your home!

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