Ceramic vase welcomes unique flower arrangements like as florist

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The ceramic (modern and decorative) vase of the Haoshi Designs brings beautiful nature, flower arrangements and forests straight to your home, office and interior design. Flowers in different colors as stunning colors and in all their beauty, such as natural wildflowers, tulips, orchids, mimosa, roses, daisies, violets or even dried flowers, can they really make a vase create splendor around them? Yes they can and now they no longer have to give time and a million thoughts. Imagine how beautiful a flower arrangement looks and how intoxicating its scent is! By filling the different parts of the vase, it is possible to create an unparalleled beautiful and aesthetic floral arrangement. This modern decorative ceramic vase of the The Inredning's creates a peaceful atmosphere of nature around it, allowing you to breathe casually and enjoy the pure scent of the forest or arrangement right in your own home. Designed for bouquets of flowers that can be unique and coexist in your living space, this modern ceramic vase was inspired by trees and nature. You know, a tree consists of branches and has a large trunk (or bole). Our vase is like a typical tree. And it was designed as handmade by master hands. The production process of a product is about a month.

Features of the Ceramic Tree Vase of Haoshi

  • Material: Ceramic - Process: Handmade.
  • Size MM: W360 X D270 X H380.
  • Size CM: W36 X D27 X H38.
  • Weight: 2100 GR - 2.1 KG.

Ceramic & Made is Handmade

- Size: W360 mm x D270 mm x H380 mm.

- Weight: 2100 GR > 2.1 KG

This tree vase vase is made of high quality, heavy duty ceramic and features a white, modern design. You can fill this vase with your favorite fresh flowers from the nearest florist to create an elegant space. This beautiful ceramic vase is perfect for a little touch of nature at your next gathering or a romantic dinner for two. It can be used to display seasonal arrangements, as well as store dried flowers and plants. It is made from eco-friendly materials, and will last through many generations.

Ceramic Tree Vase will create a natural arrangement like florist

Elegant and stylish, the Tree Ceramic Vase is a fun way to show off your favorite flowers from your nearest florist. This unique white ceramic vase is designed to give a beautifully aesthetic way to display your favorite bouquet of flowers. Show off your favorite flowers in style with this chic white ceramic vase.

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