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Table Lamps

These Table Lamps collection products are special designs inspired by some cute animal figures (eg Elephant, Raccoon, Unicorn, Horse). All of these products designed are handmade, with a Crochet and Patchwork approach with Textiles material. The products here can be seen both as a Lamp, as a Decor and as a Toy. Wonderful items for Nursery Decor. We use our eyes for seeing. "Our field vision reveals a limited space, something vaguely circular, which ends very quickly to left and right, and doesn't extend very far up or down. Our gaze travels through space and gives us the illusion of relief and distance." (G. Perec) Thus, we are looking for ways to explore the place and to peruse the space. A Table Lamp in the Living Space (at the Living Room, Bedroom or other Spaces) provides a unique guide to this job. 

Table Lamp - Tischlampe - Lamparas de Mesa - Bordslampa - Lampe de Table - Lampade da Tavolo -  مصباح الطاولة