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Bowl for Soup, Fruit, Salad, Noodle Bowl with Porcelain Ceramic

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It's a beautiful Bowl handmade by healthy Porcelain. It can hold the food directly. The Porcelain Bowl is highly stackable to save cupboard space. And it is easy to coordinate with your other dinnerware. Can be used as Soup BowlNoodle Bowl, Salad Bowl or Fruit Bowl; is fired under high temperature to maximize the strength. It can be used for years on a daily basis. The Porcelain Bowl is great for family dinner, food storage, and breakfast cereal. It is also good for restaurant serving, party and hotel, and other occasions.

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Soup Bowl
Soup Bowl with Ceramic Bowl
Fruit Bowl with Ceramic and Porcelain
Blue and White Porcelain Bowl for Soup or Fruit
Soup Bowl or Fruit Bowl with Ceramic
Fruit Bowl
Bowl for Noodle and Soup or Fruit
Porcelain Bowl for Soup or Fruit
Bowl Set with Porcelain and Ceramic

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