Wooden Dog Bowl Stand
Wooden Dog Bowl Stand
Wooden Dog Bowl Stand
Wooden Dog Bowl Stand
Wooden Dog Bowl Stand

Wooden Dog Bowl Stand 2 X 1500 ML

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This steel large two bowls (2 X 1500 ML) design that cup out with their modern and ecological design and coffee table form serves as Wooden Dog Bowl Stand. The large wooden dog bowl stand product offers two bowls together. You can put water in one bowl and dry food in the other.


Material: Wood
Large: 45 X 24 X 25 CM – Bowl : 2 X 1500 ML

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We have raised the bar when it comes to dog bowls
Raise your dogs up to eat healthier!

Raise the bar for your dog with our elevated dog bowls! Our steel bowls on wooden stand are sturdy enough to serve all kinds of meatloaf, gravy, chicken, or fish. The handy magnetic feet ensure your bowl is stable while you’re feeding your pups. A quality raised and elevated dog bowl that's great for multi-dog families! Turex elevated dog bowl stand give you the opportunity to feed your dog several meals everyday. Enjoy the convenience of having them right by you, even when you're away.

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