Giacometti Sculpture by Horse
Horse Statue by Alberto Giacometti
Horse Sculpture by Alberto Giacometti
Horse Statue Home Decor and Gifts For Horse Lovers by Alberto Giacometti
Horse Sculpture Home Decor and Gifts by Alberto Giacometti
Giacometti Horse Sculpture Home Decor and Gifts Horse Lovers
Gifts For Horse Lovers Horse Sculpture by Giacometti
Horse Sculpture Figurine by Alberto Giacometti
Horse Statue Home Decor by Giacometti
Horse Statue Home Decor and Ornament Sculpture by Giacometti

An Giacometti sculpture of a horse that has been admired for decades

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Giacometti's famous sculpture is a stunning small horse in a heroic pose, reflecting his creativity and passion. The sculptor's enigmatic personality and talent is captured in the horse's strong facial features and flowing mane, which gives this piece of artwork a unique look. Arguably the most famous sculptor in history, Alberto Giacometti is one of the most collected artists of all time. His sculptures have a unique style that's unusual and difficult to duplicate. Appealing to both horse lovers and art enthusiasts, this piece is a must-have for collectors. Unique and distinctive piece that will add a touch of class to any home or office. 

One of the most striking items of decorative art in the world. Highly sought after due to its unique beauty, distinct style, and rarity.

Horse Size: 11.8X2.8X7.1 INCHES | 30X7X18 CM.

Horse Weight: 2000 GR | 2.0 KG.

Dog Size: 12.2X2.9X8.6 INCHES | 31X7.5X22 CM.

Dog Weight: 1450 GR | 1.45 KG.

This is a limited edition sculpture of Alberto Giacometti created with brass. You won't find these handmade pieces on the shelves of any traditional retailers. We specialize in limited edition, high quality sculptures of world-famous artists like Alberto Giacometti.

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Reverance to Alberto Giacometti!
Delicacy, grace and sharpness!

Alberto Giacometti is also known for his unique style of monumental sculpture, characterized by elongated and thin figures, and was one of the most important artists of the 20th century. If you have an appreciation for art, this horse sculpture will be a must-have addition to your home.

These are a piece of history you can't afford to miss out on
alberto giacometti

Giacometti sculptures represent a modern approach to sculpture, with the artist portraying the figure as an object. The artist's use of this technique is representative of his discomfort with the human subject and his interest in exploring non-traditional forms and materials. Sculpted in solid brass, this limited edition Giacometti sculpture is a gift for the collector or connoisseur.

The fascinating curves and twists give the illusion that the dog is walking

Giacometti was fascinated by the power of art to depict a person's character, and often said that a sculpture had to be born of an idea. The dog is a favorite subject for the artist who captured its loneliness and vulnerability in this piece.

This wonderful sculpture is a marvelous piece of artwork. Giacometti’s sculptures are a delight to study. The artist was famous for his use of wire as a medium, and this sculpture is a perfect example of that. The fascinating curves and twists give the illusion that the animal is walking. This sculpture will be a great addition to any collection.

A noble and striking delicacy!

A dog's aesthetic stance comes to life with the reference of Alberto Giacometti. This unique sculpture pays homage to Alberto Giacometti.

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