Elephant Night Light as Toys
Elephant Decor
Blue Bedside Lamp with Elephant Toy
Blue Nightstand Lamp with Elephant
Table Lamps For Bedroom with Elephant
Bedside and Nightstand Nursery Lamp with Unicorn
Unicorn Pink Night Light as Toys
Pink Bedside Lamp with Unicorn Toy
Pink Nightstand Nursery Lamp with Unicorn
Table Lamps For Bedroom with Unicorn
Pink Nursery Lamp For Bedroom Bedside
Horse Night Light as Toys For Nursery Lamp
Colorful Bedside Lamp with Horse Toy
Table Lamps For Bedroom with Horse Toy
Nursery Lamp as Bedside and Nightstand with Horse
Nursery Light Night with Horse Bedside and Nightstand Lamp
Kids Bedroom Light with Horse Bedside and Nightstand Lamp
Bedside Table Lamp with Horse Nursery Lamp
Nursery Lamps as Bedside Decor
Nursery Lamp as Bedroom Lamps
Nursery Lamp as Nightstand Decor
Nursery Lamp as Small Table Lamps
Nursery and Kids Bedside Lamp

Cheerful Nursery Lamps: Bedside, Nightstand & Table Lamp as Toys Decor

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We offer all together Nursery Lamps products that we developed based on the idea of ​​designing products that will enrich childrens, kids and baby living spaces, and we are inspired by the figures of Stuffed Animals during the design phase. We used Plush Toys and Soft Toys together with fabric material in the design stage of the products. Each product reflects the character and spirit of some lovely animals. We selected Unicorn, Elephant, Horse, Raccoon figures during the production of our Nursery Lamps products. We have made sure that colors are gender neutral, but you can use them in many ways, which is a cheerful, cute and playful friends for both boys and girls. The products offer functional options as Lamps items and at the thematic level for Boys Room and Girls Room decorations ideas. Products can be used as Table Lamp, Nightstand Lamp, Desk Lamp, Bedside Lamp in Nursery Lamps concept. Being a guardian angel for your children at night, these Nursery Lamps products are a good companion during the day. Producing a special aesthetic and decorative atmosphere, these products offer an unusual intellectual diversity for Nursery Room Decor and Baby Room Decor. Also, even as a concept, Elephant Theme, Unicorn Theme, Raccoon Theme, Horse Theme offers such a functional style. These themes are also accompanied by Blue Nursery, Pink Nursery, Colorful Nursery, Black and White Nursery as Decoration Ideas. In the living spaces, especially at the Bedroom, in the darkness, many design products are needed to illuminate the night; Bedside Lamp and Nightstand Lamp are some of these lighting products. We are using handmade and handcraft techniques; In these products which we designed aesthetically for Bedroom Decor, we took reference to animals such as Horse, Elephant, Racoon, Unicorn. We have specifically combined the creative energy of these animals with artistic creativity and have clearly designed both Lamp and Toys. In this sense, these animals with different colors; We designed Blue, Pink, Black and White, Multicolor. These figures and animals, in general, have creative and playful sides for children and people, these products are unique options, especially Nursery Lamp and Kids Room Lamp. In the world of children, we offering an educational and entertaining experience as Bedside Lamp and Nightstand Lamp. You can also use these products as Table Lamp and Night Light a the Nursery and Kids Room. The fact that the products look like toys gives it a special charm and atmosphere both as a lamp and as a toy. As Nursery Lamps, we have designed fascinating and cheerful products. When designing these products, we were inspired by cheerful animals and designed as toys that children would love.

Color: Blue, Pink, Black-White, and Multicolor
Material: Fabric, PP Cotton, Iron, and Quartz Sand
Light source: E27 (with Led Bulb)
Wattage: 7W
Power source: Max40W
Product size: 30 X 25 X 50cm.
Package size: 21 X 19 X 26cm.
Product weight: 850g.
Package weight: 1100g.

Package List
1 * Bedside and Nightstand Lamp for Bedroom & Nursery 

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