Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!
Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!

Now, Christmas decorations is unique with bulldog lamp & sculpture!

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With this lovely bulldog lamp, your Christmas decoration will be unique. The light is bright enough for you to see everything in the room. Besides, the dog-shaped lamp looks so cute and it could also be a good decoration and sculpture item for your desk or bedside table. You can put it on your desk, bedside table, living room, dining room to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It will bring you the atmosphere of Christmas quickly. It is time to get the Christmas decorations! But, what will be different this year? There is a cute and lovely lamp in the shape of a bulldog. This gift will make your Christmas more exciting and let everyone know that you are the best gift giver. The design is modern and has beautiful colors that will add to your home's decor.

You'll never find a more huggable or lovable Christmas decoration than the new bulldog lamp at the store. With his sweet face, iconic body shape, and abundant love, this adorable pup is perfect for your holiday decor.

Material: Resin and Paper
LED Light - Acrylic
LED light
Color temperature:2700K
Light temperature: around 55°C

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"Artworks show that the friendship between human beings and animals is the eternal beauty of life. They hold this idea as they design philosophy, delicately grasping different animal portraits, to give the endless vitality and hope into daily life landscape."

"Inspired from Alice in Wonderland, the Bulldog, Rabbit, Cat lamps are made of hand sculpture and will beautifully light up the sanctuary you call home or office"

"They artworks is the small details and decorations placed throughout your home that give your space character. They them best friend for your daily life."


Decorative Sculpture in Daylight!



How would you describe the French Bulldog dog breed: as a happy, stubborn, mini, spoiled but as a loyal breed as possible? Yes, definitions right. There are peace and harmony in the structure of this Bulldog Statue, and this has unique functionality in both night light and table lamp concepts. Bulldog lamp's vibrant and soft light creates a romantic and natural atmosphere. You can use this soft and peace light in the bedroom, living room, children's room, and even in the office.

The central idea of this bulldog lamp product is romance. When you need, the natural bulldog face will always look up to you and heal you. Bulldog Lamp product makes the statue unique. And it creates a wonderful atmosphere for both your daytime and night dreams. The magnificent brightness and ecological naturalness of this bulldog statue lamp will make you and the area you live in a happier and more peaceful place. Immerse yourself in this unique Bulldog Statue that you want to relax and restful when you come home from work. Take advantage of the peaceful moment it creates in your home and room. This will be good for you. Maybe you should also drink a glass of espresso or coffee to go along with good music. It will be a unique experience.

The Bulldog comes as a statue, it has LED lighting on it. LED lighting is mounted on the statue. Only the fur part of the bulldog is made of paper, you need to put the paper on bulldog neck as we have stated in the instructions for use. You can also see this in the installation instruction in the product we sent you.

That's all. After determining the place to put the lamp, you should only plug the lamp with USB standard into the socket. Yes, that's all. After this, your living space will have gained a soft light and a work of art with a strong aesthetic character.

Resin is an environmentally sensitive, dense and difficult material. The material used in the French Bulldog Lamp is resin. This makes it unique and unusual. In addition, since each bulldog detail is produced as a sculpture, it has a unique and wonderful appearance in daylight and nighday.

But let's briefly touch on its technical features:

Material: Resin, Paper, LED Light, Acrylic.

Size: W270 MM X D170 MM X H315 MM / 2.0 KG.

Technical Properties: LED light information, Color temperature:2700K, Voltage:110V~240V

The Bulldog Lamp Statue that smiling at you in your happy and peaceful moments, will also create an extraordinary atmosphere with its lights.

You can also choose our bulldog lamp for your living room. Our lamp, which is produced using the sculpture technique, creates an atmosphere with a strong decorative character throughout the day, creating a peaceful space for you and your guests. You can also choose it when you want to create a soft and distinctive light at night.

Our each bulldog lamp are for indoor use only. Please don't put the product outdoor or in a humid area or under sun exposure. If you need it, clean with a dry cloth.

Yes, you can. We can send it as a gift to any address you provide. Truth be told, the Bulldog Lamp is a unique gift for dog lovers, bulldog owners and animal lovers, or interior enthusiasts. This applies to birthdays and special occasions such as Christmas. You can always.

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Sculpture Lamps

Your rhythm and mood in day or night

The soft illumination creates a lively and comfortable style. When you need, the beautiful face (cat, dog, rabbit, bird, lion) will always look up to you and heal you. The style and light of the lamps transforms the space and convert your rhythm and mood. Our lamps emits light with just right brightness and makes every day unusual.

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