Music Decor and Music Room Decor with Music Gifts for Musical Christmas Ornaments
Music Gifts for Girls and Music Gifts for Her with Music Gifts and Music Decor
Gifts for Music Lovers and Music Gifts with Christmas Ornaments
Music Gifts for Girls and Gifts for a Musician Boyfriend with Musical Christmas Ornaments
Music Gifts or Gifts for Music Lovers with Music Decor for Christmas Ornaments
Music Gifts and Gifts for Music Lovers wit Music Decor
Music Room Decor and Music Themed Decor for Gifts for Music Lovers

Music Gifts for Lovers with Music Decor for Musical Christmas Ornaments

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This is an about Music Gifts and Music Decor for Christmas Gifts and Gifts for Music Lovers with Musical Christmas Ornaments. This is a handmade elegant Metal Music Decor designed by the artist inspired Music Gifts. Gifts for Music Lovers has dazzling colour and high-quality paint, which is both environmental and stainless inspired Vintage Christmas Ornaments. The girl slightly tilts her head to one side, looks like immersed in the world of music. The flowing hair and unique designed dress add a little gentle and stylish temperament. In this sense, a perfect selection for Musical Christmas Ornaments and Musical Christmas Decorations especially a perfect gift; Music Gifts and Gifts for Music Lovers.

Material: Iron with Paint
Colour: Silver, Golden
Product size: 14.5 * 12.0 * 49.0cm.

Package size: 17.0 * 14.0 * 52.0cm.
Product weight: 597g.
Package weight: 802g.

Package List
1 * Music Gifts with Music Decor (Note Only One Piece) For All Set go "Music Gifts" collection

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