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Duck Statue and Sculpture with Iron and Metal Ornament
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Duck Ornament for Kitchen and Farmhouse Decor
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Duck Christmas Ornament with Iron Duck Figurines
Iron Duck Figurines as Ornaments

Metal Duck Sculpture Ornaments in Garden & Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

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This product, designed as Metal Duck Sculpture, supported by an aesthetic tendency with Farmhouse and Rustic elements, offers a decorative atmosphere for Garden Ornaments and Kitchen Ornaments. The fact that metal material has become a special product as a result of a creative process has created the reality conditions of this Duck Ornaments product. Ideal for times like Christmas and Thanksgiving, this product offers exceptional creativity and harmony for Farmhouse Decor. Duck is one of the special animals living in the water with cute images and sounds. The sounds they make are really funny, but their walks are incredibly attractive and fun. We have designed a Duck Figurine as ornaments and home decor for your living space. We designed Duck Ornament, Iron Duck Figurines by using handmade and handcraft methods. Farmhouse Lifestyle lovers and home decor enthusiasts designed for this product; countertop, a console table can be used in many areas, you can create a fun and beautiful atmosphere. Metal Duck offers an aesthetic look for Farmhouse Decor, you can think of it as an Ornaments for Christmas or you can create a fun atmosphere for your children and guests in general. The duck ornament is made of iron-metal material and it is not only sturdy but also anti-rust. The body part has a stone-like texture feeling, extremely realistic. Whether it is on the table or placed on the countertop especially in the kitchen, it will be the most eye-catching ornaments in your home. The Iron duck ornament can be a perfect gift for loved ones and friends.

Color: Brown
Material: Iron
Product size: 26.5X15X25.5 CM.
Package size: 27X16X26 CM.
Product weight: 510g.
Package weight: 800g.

Package List
1 * Iron Duck Figurine Ornament

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