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Photo Frame
Gold Stainless Steel Photo Frame
Gold Photo Frame For Bedroom Decor
Gold Stainless Steel Picture Frame
Photo Frame & Picture Frame
Gold Photo Frame For Living Room Decor

Gold Shell & Stainless Steel Photo & Picture Frame For Home Decor

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The Photo Frame is 7.5 inches in length, 0.4 inches in width and 9.4 inches in height. The photo size is 5 X 7inches. The Picture Frame shell is bright and beautiful and feels mildness. The shells are stuck by hand, which shows high-end quality. The silvery frame inside and outside made by stainless steel provides an effective backdrop for the shells. At the back of the photo frame, there is a hook made by silk, which is easy for hanging. The whole back adopts black velvet with high quality. There are four small buttons, and they won’t break off easily. Change the photos by turning the button. The bracket is stable, and the photo can be placed in horizontal and perpendicular.

Material: Shell and Stainless Steel
Color: Golden
Product size: 19 X 1 X 24 Cm.
Package size: 21 X 2 X 26 Cm.
Package weight: 550g.

Package List
1 * Shell and Stainless Steel Photo Frame

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