Elephant Nursery Decor or Elephant Room Decor
Elephant Statue
Elephant Decor Statue for Elephant Decor
Elephant Statues for Home Decor
Elephant Home Decor With Elephant Statue
Elephant Nursery Decor
Elephant Sculpture With Elephant Ornaments

Elephant Statue With Metal and Wire Sculptures Elephant Home Decor Ornaments

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Elephant, Elephant Statue. Elephant Decor and Elephant Nursery Decor. Elephant Ornaments or Elephant Christmas Ornaments. Elephant Craft or Elephant Nursery Decor. Elephant Home Decor or Elephant Room Decor. Elephant Statues for Home Decor, Elephant Decor Statue. Elephant Decor Statue or Small Elephant Statue. Elephant Sculpture or Elephant Wire Sculpture. Metal Elephant Sculpture or African Elephant Sculpture. 
Craft Process: This is an elephant artwork handmade by the artist. The elephant fours foot on the ground, neck lifted, as it is yelling joyfully. The whole shape is composed of the iron element, stable yet stylish. Brown-black paint is applied to the metal surface, makes the surface won't rust and well reflects the elephant's calm characteristic. Especially suitable for study room and other indoor space decoration, it is a highlight of taste, an embellished artwork of your life.

Material: Iron
Color: Yellow, Brown
Product size: 19 * 8 * 43cm / 7.5 * 3.1 * 16.9oz
Package size: 22 * 10 * 46cm / 8.6 * 3.9 * 18.1oz
Product weight: 646g / 22.8oz
Package weight: 1050g / 37oz

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1 * Elephant Statue

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