How can we Contribute to the World and Positive Transformation?

There are so many issues that we need to transform and disrupt in our field, that is, our world. Water, global warming, health problems, climate, poverty, raging technology are the most important ones. We can even wait for a long time to decide which one to start with. But no, there's no we need to wait that long and be reckless. To the world and humanity; we owe our common heritage. Now we can do something for them.

As a Home Decor Store that produces artistic and special products using artistic creativity, we want to take immediate action and create added value to the world. In this sense, our store works in special cooperation with brands that design special products related to artistic creativity from many parts of the world. We would like to donate every order that you purchase and exceed a certain amount to the world, disadvantaged groups and individuals as social welfare funds and make positive contact with the world. In this sense, we use $5 as social assistance fund for each order over $299. For that, this is where we live at the initial stage will start from Turkey. We feel that small or large contributions we can make will be the beginning and spark of a great transformation over time. We are very excited to do this and to do so sustainably, and we rely on the energy and vitality that you will reflect on us. 

If you ignore and I will be hurt, Touch me and I grow, Involve me and I can enliven the world; $5 of your order above $299 goes to social welfare fund.