Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica
Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica

Deja volar tu imaginación con nuestro jarron ceramica

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La manera perfecta de iluminar su espacio vital al tiempo que agrega un toque de color. Este jarrón cerámica es el complemento perfecto para cualquier habitación de su casa. El jarrón cerámica está hecho de material de alta calidad, es liviano y no afectará la temperatura de las flores en el interior. El jarrón también se puede utilizar para decorar su mesa con flores u otra decoración. Es hora de poner el poder de las flores en tu espacio con nuestro jarrón cerámica. Tiene un diseño encantador que te hará notar, y el ramo en el interior te hará sonreír. El delicado sentido del color y la forma lo convierten en una obra de arte llamativa para cualquier hogar u oficina.

Con este hermoso y único jarron ceramica blanco, puedes transformar cualquier espacio en una obra de arte. Este jarrón es ecológico y tiene un diseño clásico que seguramente se verá genial en su hogar o en el patio. Este hermoso jarrón de cerámica presenta un toque femenino con sus flores y adornos con volantes. Se ve elegante en su mesa o estante, sosteniendo cualquier ramo para que todos lo admiren. No hay nada como un ramo de flores fresco entregado en un jarrón de cerámica. Elija entre nuestra cuidada selección para enviar a sus seres queridos un hermoso regalo, o compre uno para usted y haga que su hogar se sienta más como en casa.

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"Filled with your favorite flowers or by its own, this vase shaped like a original tree merges natural flowers with contemporary design. With a matte outside and glazed inside, it adds delicate detail to any room, simple and sculptural all at once."

"The vase looks equally beautiful filled with flowers or as a sculptural element on its own. Fill ceramic vase with your favourite flowers or seasonal branches to give it a personal touch, and let it act as a beautiful, unique detail in your home."

"When you want to create a jungle corner or a flowerist's garden in your home or office, Haoshi's ceramic vase will provide you with the quality and breadth you are looking for. It looks just like a tree; it has a large trunk and many branches. A fascinating artwork, a fascinating sculpture."


The material used in this vase is ceramic. It was produced in limited numbers as a result of a long and patient process by local and master artists. The design of this product belongs to Haoshi brand, he worked with local artists during the production process. The Sweet Home Make is Haoshi's sales partner.

Product size: W360 MM X D270 MM X H380 MM.

Product weight: 2100 GR - 2.1 KG.

Material: Ceramic.

Haoshi's ceramic tree vase brings up a one-second handy home anesthetic by choosing a bunch of flowers you like and without spending too much thought but put it into the flower utensil as you like. The natural atmosphere created at home and add-on of fresh, dynamic momentum in the working environment is incredible! The beauty will come up in our living without any expectation – with flower with you.

Absolutely, yes. This ceramic vase looks just like a tree: it consists of a tree trunk and branches. So while you can put a large bouquet of flowers on the trunk, you can put several different flowers on each branch. This makes it unique as a vase, as well as an decorative sculpture for decor and interior design. You can also put your dried or natural flowers in this ceramic vase. You will get a unique look when you put both live flowers and dried flowers. Please note that you will receive a work of art, not just a vase.

Haoshi ‘s ceramic vase was created by adopting the idea of the tree's original shape, two-year development, and it was fabricated manually through particularly the potter in Yingge, Taiwan. All you have to do is to insert the bunch of a flower into the hole of a branch. The difference can be significant by having some flowers through the natural balance of the utensil, and it also becomes an art piece, although the little flower is everything we have.

We send you an information leaflet in the package regarding this. But we recommend that you usually clean this ceramic vase with a dry cloth. It is not suitable for cleaning with too many chemicals. Because it has ceramic properties, which is a natural material. Ceramics is a type of soil with a natural capillary pore. It may dye the color when touching the water and the color of the flower but bringing no influence when using it. Please use the detergent to clean it up when it is the severity of color-dye.

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Ceramic Tree Vase will create a natural arrangement like florist
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Elegant and stylish, the Tree Ceramic Vase is a fun way to show off your favorite flowers from your nearest florist. This unique white ceramic vase is designed to give a beautifully aesthetic way to display your favorite bouquet of flowers. Show off your favorite flowers in style with this chic white ceramic vase.

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