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Useful Storage & Aesthetic Decor in HOME: Wall Mounted Wine Rack

We present this product with the concept of Wall Mounted Wine Rack by use HOME Sign Metal Wall Art, which is the result of pure sensation produced by aesthetic creativity and artistic point of view. The basic function of the product is to create space, but it emphasizes both functional and aesthetic aspects of space creation. The functional aspect of the product is that it offers a complete Wine Rack concept. The aesthetic aspect is that it contributes to your living space with a decorative and simple atmosphere with HOME Sign written in metal letters. Designed with these concerns, the product will provide you with great convenience in terms of organization and storage in Wine Bottle, Glass and Cork Holder. This product has an aesthetic pattern of pure naturalness created by metal material and creates an unusual style and detail for home decor ideas. Wall Wine Rack as Storage and Organizastion: This wall mounted wine rack that holds 4 wine or champagne bottles and 4 wine glasses can save space. Easy hanging: The hanging wine rack is easy to hang on the wall with the wall screws (included). Wine corks collection: You can drop your wine corks in and collect them in the center. It can hold up to about 50 corks. Life is basically an organization and habit. No doubt this applies to our living spaces as well, especially in terms of decoration ideas. Even here, there should be a regular plan, some products need to be stored and disciplined. For this, we have two concepts such as "storage" and "organization". Wine Bottle Rack is one such organization. Many designs have developed a wall-mounted idea and product, especially to save space and save space. As Wall Mounted Wine Rack, we have limited this product to 4 bottles and 4 wine glasses. You can use the product to create a decorative and aesthetic area in many areas, especially in the kitchen. 

 Useful Storage & Aesthetic Decor in HOME Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall Wine Rack By Metal Wall Art

Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack by Metal Wall Art

Metal Wine Rack Holder

Decorative Wine Rack

Useful Storage & Aesthetic Decor in HOME Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Metal Wine Bottle Rack and Glass Holder

Home Wall Art by Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Home Wall Art by Wall Wine Rack

Decorative Wine Rack Storage Organization

Useful Storage & Aesthetic Decor in HOME Wall Mounted Wine Rack