World of Natural & Wood's: Nursery Wall Art with Funny Animals

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We added our artistic creativity to the wood material and designed it as Wall Art products for Kids Room or Nursery Room. We were inspired by nature and animals when designing these products. We brought artistic creativity and sculpture technique together for Nursery Wall Art, which resulted in a world representing animals. Because animals have an impressive side for children. They strengthen curiosity in children, thus contributing to their development. We specifically selected some animals, such as Elephant, Bear, Giraffe, Lion, Mandril, Monkey, Owl, Zebra, Peacock, and gave them the texture of the wood. Designing experience has something special about producing value for people. As Home Decor Store, we share a value with you in designing experiences, and we achieve this with natural materials. We design natural materials such as wood as Nursery Wall Art products. We claim that we design experience and produce experience. Designing the experience requires special care for children and for children's rooms. Here we have to be selective about choices because children need objects that can make fun and learning together. And we want every object you choose to be natural and healthy. Wood material has such naturalness and we design products with a healthy technique as Wood Wall Art. Creating an entertaining and instructive atmosphere for the living spaces of babies and children was an important approach that we took motivation in the design process of products. After each product we designed, we experienced this feeling strengthened, so we decided to produce more products. We have decided to expand our Nursery Wall Art and Kids Wall Art collection, and we will soon produce new designs.

Material: American Walnut, Veneer, MDF
Elephant Wall Art: 28 X 28 CM | 11 X 11 INCHES.
Bear Wall Art: 34 X 35 CM | 13.26 X 13. 65 INCHES.
Giraffe Wall Art: 17.5 X 44.4 CM | 6.8 X 17.4 INCHES.
Lion Wall Art: 42 X 39 CM | 16.5 X 15.3 INCHES.
Monkey Wall Art: 47.1 X 33.5 CM | 18.5 X 13.1 INCHES.
Zebra Wall Art: 49 X 18 CM | 19.2 X 7 INCHES.
Owl Wall Art: 49 X 18 CM | 19.2 X 7 INCHES.
Bull Wall Art: 68 X 46 CM | 26.7 X 18.1 INCHES.
Mandril Wall Art: 26.5 X 54.3 CM | 10.4 X 21.3 INCHES.
Peacock Wall Art: 54 x 45 CM | 21.06 X 17.55 INCHES.
* This item is handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.
* The item comes with a hook on the back for hanging.
* Our prices do not include Import Duty and GST/VAT applicable in your country.

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