Wooden Wall Accents inspired gifts for photographers

Color: Pink

Our artist who loves photography and wants to tell his memories and stories with photographs designed the old SLR type machines as wooden wall accents product. In this sense, the wood wall hanging product is inspired by SLR cameras from brands such as Zenit, Pentax, Minolta, Leica. He also has a respectable collection on this subject. We offer two different options with pink and black color. Well, of course, the fascinating world of Instagram has been a source of inspiration in the design of these products. He wanted to design a product for people who love photography and photography. And as a result of an intense sketching and drawing process, he transferred this design to the wood material in his workshop. And at each design stage, there is motivation to design an extraordinary product for the inspirational "gifts for photographers". The result is a fascinating wooden wall hanging product.

Highlighting the story and creativity, these stylish wooden wall hanging items are highly creative and unusual gifts for photographers themes. The home sweet home wood sign product is designed and manufactured by the brand Umasqu.


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These wooden wall hanging items are handmade, please allow 6 - 10 business days to produce before shipping.


35 X 20 cm | 13.7 X 7.8 INCHES


Wooden wall accents are made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, Plastic, and Felt and are all colored with quality Molotow™ Premium colors for best UV- and weather-resistance.


The wooden wall accents come with a hook on the back for hanging.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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