Wooden fish wall art items enchant with their natural power

Color: Red

Fish, one of nature's most fascinating creatures, is the central subject of this wooden fish wall art product. These stylish products that make a creative contribution to the Wooden Fish Wall Art theme with their different colors belong to the Umasqu brand. Art print and carved wooden techniques are used together in these products which represent Umasqu's 2021 creation. We offer two different colors, blue and red. These two fish, whose bones and skin are presented in different colors, offer you the highest interpretation of wooden material and artistic craftsmanship. During the product design process, both art print and carved wooden themes were used together. In this sense, the wooden fish wall hanging concept full of modern and colorful details will inspire you in your life.

Wooden Fish Wall Hanging strengthens your spirit and Fish love in both office or home

Our Wooden Fish Wall Art products bring fish lovers together. It can be purchased both as a gift and as a collectible item. It brings an enchanting natural living atmosphere to your life from your wall The product is designed to be hung. In this sense, they do not damage the wall. At the same time, they do not need to be glued anywhere. You just need to choose an ideal wall space and hang it there. Redfish and bluefish in two different designs can be preferred as a creative gift idea for all fish lovers.


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24 X 45 CM | 9.4 X 17.7 INCHES


Wooden fish wall accents are made from a combination of different materials such as Veneer, MDF, Formica, Perspex, Plastic, and Felt and are all colored with quality Molotow™ Premium colors for best UV- and weather-resistance.


The design and production of the Fish Wall Hanging products belong to the Umasqu brand. It represents Umasqu's 2021 creation. It promises a happy and peaceful start for 2021.

How can you use our Wooden Dog Wall Art Product in-home or office?

We send you the hanging bracket for this. All you have to do is choose the right place for these fish, then hang your products on the wall. It doesn't damage the wall, and you can easily do so whenever you want to relocate fish.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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