What a Valentine's Day: The Aware Love with Special Gift for Her

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Love is a special form of existence that sometimes has abstract and sometimes concrete situations. And Love is indeed sacred. Love is a collection of special references as a fact of our everyday story. Men and women are including here in a special recognition. Here is an existing form that is always in motion and communication. This means, in the simplest way, is love. Clearly, we use of the word “love” is unorthodox. Because all forms of love are both a world and an extraterrestrial phenomenon. Time to time is an abstract form. Love and imagination continue to inspire and amaze us: This special product, designed for Valentine's Day, represents the Woman (Female, Girl), one of the most beautiful beings of nature, with an abstract approach. Abstract design and love come together in this particular product and create a special atmosphere. This special Abstract Sculpture, created with sculpture using Resin material, is a great product for Valentines Day Gifts, (especially for Her, Girl, Girlfriend, Wife, Mom, Female) as well as a great decoration an object for Home Decor.

Material: Resin
Color: White
Product size: 36 X 21 X 6.8cm.
Package size: 21 X 45.5 X 1cm.

Product weight: 500g.
Package weight: 850g.

Package List
1 * Valentines Day Gift for Her with Resin Sculpture

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