Apple Storage Decorative Jar Dry Beans Kitchen Countertop Decor

$39.99 $69.99

Apple has a mythologically important symbol. In many religious stories, the depiction of sexuality is made through an apple. Apple is also a symbol of productivity and abundance. Especially as an art and decoration object, apple is a unique item in the kitchen. This product is designed as a Decorative Jar made of metal material by handmade methods. Dried pulses, in particular, are ideal for storing small things. In addition to being a functional product, Kitchen offers an aesthetic appearance for Apple Countertop Decor. Every work that has gained an artistic element through objects has special importance. Objects are important elements that shape people's daily lives. Some objects have many very important meanings and signs in history and mythology. Apple is one of these objects. This special product, designed from imagination, is made of Metal material and is completely handmade. It provides a great atmosphere in the Kitchen or Living Room. You can store small materials in your home with Apple Storage. It is not only a Functional Storage and Decorative Storage but also a stylish and elegant Home Decoration product. This special Apple Kitchen Decor, created with sculpture using Metal material, is a great product for Valentines Day Gifts, as well as a great decoration an object for Home Decor.

Color: Gold
Material: Iron
Product size: 12 X 12 X 12cm.
Package size: 14 X 14 X 14cm.
Product weight: 166g.
Package Weight: 300g.

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