Wave Painting With Canvas Painting - Landscape Painting for Wall Decor

$869.99 $1,369.99

Possession: Painting With Wall Painting. Wall Decor and Canvas Painting. Landscape Painting and Wall Decor Ideas. Living Room Wall Decor or Bedroom Wall Decor. Wave Painting and Wall Pictures. Canvas Painting Ideas or Painting. Room Painting or Nursery Room Painting. Painting For Home Decor or Painting for Interior Design.
Craft Process: This is an exquisite 5-panel aluminum wall art, which depicts a picture that the seas grew turbulent. The magnificent momentum is impressive.
The craftsmanship of making an aluminum wall art is very unique. First, the experienced craftsman grinds the aluminum sheet with an angle grinder, forming beautiful patterns on the surface, which is the general modeling of the painting. The successful accomplishment of this step requires extremely high techniques, any tiny mistake would turn the aluminum sheet into the garbage. Afterward, the painter will directly start his artistic creation on the aluminum surface, endowing the painting colorful pattern. In the end, a layer of clear liquor will be painted on the wall art's surface, making the paint shiny and never fades color.
As a result of our fully handmade craftsmanship, slight nuances are inevitable. But that is what makes every product a unique artwork.

Material: Aluminum
Color: Blue, green, white
Product size: 150 * 2 * 60cm / 59 * 0.8 * 23.6in
Package size: 35 * 20 * 75cm / 13.8 * 7.9 * 29.5in
Product weight: 3896g / 137.4oz
Package weight: 4800g /169.3oz

Package List
1 * Canvas Painting [60 * 30cm * 5 panels]

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