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Much interaction form seems to assume that once one has selected a category of person and the context or sphere of life in which one wants to consider him, there will then be some main role that will fully dominate his activity. Perhaps there are times when an individual does march up and downlike a like a mad lover, tightly rolled up in a particular role. These are very important situations. In fact, the person experiences a spiritual experience as a form and extension of social encounters. Two people of different sexes (Man and Woman), for example, Love; it is a special case where different biologic elements come together under a purely spiritual purpose. Each particular encounter and interaction has historical continuity. Historical continuity also means historically again. Valentine's Day is a special definition that is specific to a specific situation. It is the sum of individual cases inspiration social experience. At this time, some ties are further strengthened. Gifts are one of the most functional purposes of this special day. The most fun part of the work is here. The Handmade product here is made of Glass material, in harmony with colors. The designer has combined several artistic projects to produce this Apple Decor. This product has evolved into a special part of Valentines Day Gifts through various stages. You can use it continuously as part of the Home Decor, (especially Apple Kitchen Decor) and give your life a great touch and atmosphere.

Material: Glass
Color: Multicolor
Product size: 11 X 9 X 14 cm.
Package size: 14 X 12 X 17 cm.
Product weight: 1514g.
Package weight: 1800g.

Package List
1 * Hand Blown Glass Apple Figure

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