Couple Statue For Anniversary and Wedding Gift Home Decor


This is an about Couple Statue or Couple Sculpture for Gifts for Couples, Boyfriend, Parents, Wife, Husband and similar position inspired by Wedding ana Anniversary Ideas. Love is one of the most important experiences on earth. Because it is the source of hope and energy. All difficulties and all beauties are experienced by two people; Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Couples, Parents, Girls and Boys. Love is, above all, a great, huge responsibility. Unique moments, unique times, are the basic magic. Love is magic. This special love statue of two people is a great home decor for lovers and a wonderful and unique gift. This lovers sculpture shows the lovers’ daily scene vividly with exaggerated artistic expression technique, which is very interesting and of high-class taste. In this sense perfect ideas for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts even or Thanksgiving Gifts especially for Family, Couples, Boyfriend or Parents.

Material: Fiberglass
Color: Bronze
Product size: 10 * 4 * 30cm.
Package size: 14.5 * 9 * 35cm.
Product weight: 250g.
Package weight: 399g.

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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