Turkish Eye Nazar Amulet to Home Decor Ornament & Islamic Gift


There are important symbols in many cultural and religious traditions. One of these symbols from Islam and Turkish culture is amulet or in other words Nazar Amulet. This Amulet also known as the Turkish Eye, symbolizes a cultural and historical motif. And it refers to beliefs and myths in the historical tradition. This Decorative ornament which is handcrafted with ceramic and porcelain material, has a creative theme for Home Decor Accessories. This Ceramic and Porcelain Turkish Eye ornament is a complementary work of art for people who are interested in religious and cultural motifs. It is also an good gift option for your friends who are anthropologicall and cultural interested in Turkish and Islamic motifs. In this sense, it offers good guidance to gift ideas for Turks, Egyptian, Iranian, Arabian and people of Islamic faith.

Material: Ceramic and Porcelian
Process: Handmade
Handmade ceramic, gold and blue detailed evil eye.
It can be easily hang on the wall with the nail hole behind it. Comes with a handmade felt case. Each one is %100 handmade so there may be slight differences.
Size: 10 CM Diameter
Dish-washer safe.

It's perfect for people who are seeking protection, calmness, and good energy:

It's time to decorate your house with something beautiful. We have the perfect product for you. Eye Wall Hanging items are an original, handcrafted wall decor for any room in the house; it is a great way to make you feel at home & be happy. This is a handmade ethnic product, with careful finishing and finishing of each piece by the hands of the artist. All products are made from natural materials and environmentally friendly paints. Wall hanging with a wooden plate, suitable for wall decor, it can be used as an eye wall hanging or wall art. It also offers peace, love and protection from the evil eye. You can put it anywhere in your home or office to bring some peace and good luck. We are so excited to introduce this eye wall hanging to you. It's perfect for people who are seeking protection, calmness, and good energy.

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