Grey Interior Design Styles With Scandinavian Styles Interior Design Abstract Artwork

$569.99 $699.99

The sculpture is 13 inches in height. Interior Design and Interior Design Styles. Sculptures for Home Decor, Abstract Decorative Object for Home Decor. Abstract Design and Interior Home Decoration or Scandinavian Design, Artwork for Home or Scandinavian Style Decor With Sculpture Art. Grey Interior Design.
It is made of an environmental resin material with high quality.
The gray-black metal painting surface makes the sculpture fashionable and beautiful. Suitable for interior space decoration, and it plays an important role in figuring the space, expressing the atmosphere and environment.
Material: Resin
Color: Gray
Product size: 24 * 24 * 33cm / 9.4 * 9.4 * 13in
Package size: 30 *28 * 28cm / 8 * 11 * 11in
Product weight: 1920g / 67.7oz
Package weight: 2400g / 84.7oz
Package List
1 * Resin Sculpture

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