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Interior Decoration Design With Abstract Sculpture Modern Home Decor Object

$629.99 was

The sculpture is 8.6 inches in height. Abstract Sculpture, Sculpture Figure, Sparkle Glass Art, Glass Art Decoration Ideas, Statue Figure, Interior Decoration, Art Decoration Ideas, Home Decoration. Abstract Decor, Abstract and Contemporary Ideas
It is made by an environmental resin material.
It has a smooth surface and beautiful appearance.
Suitable for interior space decoration, and it plays an important role in figuring the space, expressing the atmosphere and environment.
Material: Resin
Color: Vermeil
Product size: 35 * 22 * 22cm / 13.8 * 8.6 * 8.6in
Package size: 40 * 26 * 26cm / 15.7 * 10.2 * 10.2in
Product weight: 2669g / 93.8oz
Package weight: 3100g / 109.3oz
Package list
1 * Resin Sculpture