The Kafka Metamorphosis Story in the Glass Framed Wall Art


Every linguistic community, even though it does not know itself, is a community of interpretations that are always in operation: they are always made up of people who have already understood each other and fill the gaps in each other's words with meaning in a moment. Each event and every story is a comment and also a counter comment. A counter-interpretation against history and time by way of spaces. As we have seen in the allwork of Kafka, a process of metamorphosis; ie the process of transformation and stratification. Undoubtedly, art produces a story and inspires it from interpretation and counter-interpretation. Events and stories take place at different points in life, both in stasis and flow. In this product we designed using a glass material, you will witness a process of metamorphosis of art and story inspired by Kafka. The story is in a flow, what awaits it is a final state of stasis. This artwork, which summarizes the metamorphosis process as Kafka's work, establishes a story between flow and stasis, and was designed as a thematic contribution to the concept of Framed Wall Art. This metamorphosis, which can be summarized as being at home and outside, can liberate us in a philosophical and artistic sense. This product is designed as Framed Wall Art using completely glass and wood material by handmade and unique artwork details. It was designed with inspiration from Kafka studies, which put forward the most powerful works of the metamorphosis theme. And in this sense it is an unusual artwork and also a gift option for all Kafka lovers.

Color: Blue-White
Material: Glass
Dimension: 50 X 50 CM
Edition: Limited (Only 5 Piece)

We can provide cargo delivery to every country in 5-7 business days.

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