Tabletop Christmas Tree with Abstract Sculpture – The Sweet Home Make
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Gold Christmas Tree
Miniature Christmas Tree
Tabletop Christmas Tree
Mini Christmas Tree
Modern Christmas Tree
Metal Christmas Tree
Tabletop Christmas Tree with Sculpture
Christmas Tree with Sculpture

Tabletop Christmas Tree with Abstract Sculpture

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Imagination is the sensory mode which integrates our experiences of the world and of ourselves. Visual Perceptions are fused and integrated into the haptic continuum of the Self; my body remembers who I am and how I am located in the world by we grateful to the imagination. Dead to rights that "life enhancing" Design has to address all the senses simultaneously, and help to fuse our image of self with the Experience of the world. The essential mental task of Design and Imagination is accommodation and integration. They project our human measures and sense of order into the measureless and meaningless natural space. Design and Imagination does not make us inhabit worlds of mere fabrication and fantasy; it articulates the experience of our being-in-the-world and strengthens our sense of reality and self. In the experience of Art, a unique exchange takes place; I lend my Emotions and associations to the space and the space lends me its atmosphere, which entices and emancipates my perceptions and thoughts. Thus, a design realized through imagination becomes an object in space. It is now part of the space, completes and integrates the space. We design the space, and also our imaginations design us. This special product, inspired by the Christmas Tree, is designed using Stainless Steel material and Sculpture Technique. In this sense provide, for Tabletop Christmas Tree and Miniature Christmas Tree has a great view.

Metal: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold
Product size: 35 * 23 * 62cm.
Package size: 43 * 21 * 70cm.
Product weight: 1756g.
Package weight: 3650g.

Package List
1 * Christmas Tree with Sculpture Feature