Statue of David Michelangelo Renaissance Art inspired Salvador Dali

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One of the leading sculptors of the Renaissance period, David Michelangelo's Statue of David has created an endless debate in the history of art. This discussion has brought along many artistic creativity and interpretations. At first, the Statue of David, which is a unique work of art, has given the art technique an aesthetic perspective. In the Original Statue of David; The statue started in September 22, 1502, and is carved from marble. In the Statue of David Pose, which has a very traditional expression, David took Goliath's head under his feet as an indicator of his victory. He does not see any war tools, he puts his left hand on his waist with the comfort of being victorious. Renaissance artists took an interest in the human body, re-examining the forms of classical Greek and Roman sculptures and gave realistic observations. Biologically, the bodily form of man, nudity, gains significant attention and concentration during this period (contrary to what traditional and historical texts point out). The spectacular sculptural effort embodied in the Statue of David have also served to create a threshold in the history of Renaissance sculpture and Art Style (in Architecture, in Music and so more), declaring the arrival of a new form, new style, new habitus of life whose shadow stretched so profoundly over the arts of the sixteenth century that it essentially erased the historical events from which the statue evolved, thereby significantly clouding our understanding of its meaning.  The astonishing visual impact Statue of David's –unabashed and sensually charged presentation of the naked male body, its heroic idealization of that body, and its canonic role in our modern history of Renaissance Florence Art. As Statue of David Miniature, we designed and presented; The Resin Statue of David domesticated the terrible aspects of the David and Goliath narrative, quite understandably one might argue, given their presumed location as Decoration for Interior Living Spaces. We turn the narrative into a harmless fairy tale of the historical pattern, quite different from the general public rhetoric of heroics and divine favor that emanates from Michelangelo’s figure. This Statue of David aims to reflect a historical figure to your living space by reinterpreting it with Salvador Dali's artistic approach and with Resin material. This Statue is an aesthetic and minimal work of art, as well as a privileged figure and Unique Gifts option for Art History Students or art lovers in general. In this sense, you can use bookcase, console, dresser or coffee table in places such as living room, bedroom, entryway or office. Statue of David Proportions is designed as a decorative and artistic product for home decor, it is they have perspective and concentration of the home decor product in this sense. Statue of David Replica can be seen as a product, but the approach here is not a direct imitation of artistic creativity, especially in interior design and home decor is concentrated.

Material: Resin
Color: Green
Product Size: 14X11X36 CM.
Package Size: 18X15X40 CM.
Product Weight: 1100g.
Package Weight: 1400g.

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