Stainless Steel Cube Sculpture Decorative Object Artistic Interior Art

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This is a cube shelf ornament, an outstanding artwork, beautiful and practical. The cube superimposed on each other, and different viewpoints bring different visual effects. The abstract shape highlights the modern, simple and fashionable texture feeling. Abstract Sculpture and Modern Decorative Object for Interior Decoration With Stainless Steel Sculpture.
It measures 9.8 inches long, 10.2 inches wide and 14.1 inches high.
The cube design reflects the surrounding environment. And the abstract shape highlights the modern, simple and fashionable texture feeling.
The electroplating technology prevents it from corrosion and makes it wearable and beautiful.
It has velvet at the bottom of the base, which prevents it from scratching.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Golden
Product size: 25 * 26 * 36cm / 9.8 * 10.2 * 14.1in
Package size: 33 * 34 * 44cm / 13 * 13.4 * 17.3in
Product weight: 1075g / 37.9oz
Package weight: 2200g / 77.6oz

Package List
1 * Stainless Steel Sculpture

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