Rustic Christmas Decor and Rustic Christmas Ornament with Bull Ornament

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This is an about Rustic Christmas Decor and Rustic Christmas  Ornaments for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts with Bull Statue Ornament. This is an original Bull Statue designed by the artist for Rustic Christmas Decor inspired from Animals and Art. The inspiration comes from the cattle body’s sparkling feeling in the water. The artist uses half-hollow out and full-hollow out design to imitate the sparkling water on the cattle’s body, making the sculpture lively and vivid. In this sense this product perfect selection for Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Decorations especially Rustic, Country and Farmhouse, Rural Style Decoration.

Material: Fiberglass with Paint
Colour: Brass
Product size: 24 * 12 * 11cm.
Package size: 18 * 31 * 15cm.

Product weight: 1029g.
Package weight: 1400g.

Package List
1 * Bull Statue Ornament for Rustic Christmas Decor

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