Red Glass Sculpture to Home Decor Accessories

Color: Purple

We present this artworks as Red Glass Sculpture which reinterprets the artistic form as a pure result of a lifestyle and aesthetic experience. Complementing and balancing the pure energy produced by the red color (that's passion and love) with a color like black (that's balance and purity), these products have an inclusive and minimal sense. We believe that these artworks that combine red and black details with the help of a natural material such as glass with sculpture technique will bring a creative difference to the "Home Decor Sculpture" searches.These products which emphasize thematic and natural creativity can be considered as Decorative Items and Home Decor Accessories in areas such as Bedroom, Living Room, Coffee Table, Bookcase and Console Table. You can get a modern and luxurious atmosphere. These products also offer a creative variety for Housewarming Gift ideas.

Color: Red-Black
Material: Glass
Dimension: 20X27X7 CM

Package List
1 * Red Glass Sculpture

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