Red Christmas Decorations Christmas Gifts for Wife - Mom for Red Christmas

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This is an about Red Christmas and Red Christmas Decorations for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts for Wife or Women, Girl with Sculpture. This Sculpture an outstanding artwork for Red Decorations and Christmas Gifts for Girls. This unique product that emphasizes the elegance of Girl (So what; Women, Female, Girl) is designed entirely with handcrafted processes for Christmas Gifts. It is a unique product for gift selection as well as a great product for Home Decoration. This Sculpture amazing and great artwork for Home Decoration and Christmas Decoration. The professional craftsman mixed the colorful resin paint with a transparent resin and potted the sculpture. It is unique and has florid color.  After polishing treatment, the Sculpture has a smooth surface and glittering and translucent carving texture feeling just like the crystal. A suitable perfect choice for; Christmas Gifts for Wife, Christmas Gifts for Mom, Christmas Gifts for Her or Christmas Gifts, Christmas Decorations, Homemade Christmas Decorations, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Crafts.

Color: Red
Material: Resin
Product size: 37.5 * 13.7 * 23cm.
Package size: 40 * 16 * 25cm.
Product weight: 938g.
Package weight: 1170g.

Package List
1 * Red Christmas: Christmas Gifts for Mom or Christmas Gifts for Wife

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